A remote learning system that works at a student’s own pace, time, and setting.

Your teachers and their curriculum.
Just like the classroom – text books, hand written homework, graded papers.
No on-line learning. No computers. No internet.
Students choose subject & video for the day, at play at their pace.
No burn out from back-to-back live streamed sessions.
Truly Portable.
Works with a student’s home learning environment.

Teach ME School Video Notebook

Large, durable 3-ring binder notebook with a built in video screen. Programmed buttons.

Your teachers

Teachers love to teach, it’s what they do. They will record your lessons and send them to you to view at home. They’ll grade your papers and tests.

School USB

Customized for the school, provided to the teachers for upload of recorded lessons. Plugs into the notebook for video upload.

Weekly Exchange

Students and teachers exchange USBs, graded papers, new homework and handouts. Maybe even a hand written note 🙂